Thursday, July 22, 2010


I would like to get some feedback on what you would like to see for activities. So far the only thing that is really set is one evening (depending on where we go) Travis and some friends will perform for us. They will have music and singing. I'm anxious to hear! I really enjoy classical music. Please feel free to email me or post your ideas here.


  1. We have some very talented people in our family. I'd like to see some of the things that other people make, do, create, etc. Not neccesarily a "talent show" but maybe more of a display table.
    Also, copies of pictures from each family to compile in an album would be really cool. Formal family pictures, fun pictures, snap shots and so on.

  2. I really like Candies ideas about sharing our talents / creations and taking / sharing lots of photos! I feels like so long since I've seen so many of you!

    It would also be fun to have some outdoor activities- swimming, hiking, whatever. :)