Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dad's Birthday Present

Hey Everyone!

I was with Dad for his birthday and he expressed only one wish for a gift. He wants the whole family together at least one last time. In talking with him for some length of time we came up with some parameters of things he would like.

People to attend:

-Mom and Dad [2]
-Debbie, Curtis, Bethany, Crysta (Nate and kids), Travis, Alyssa (Jon), Chelsea [11]
-Denise, Tom, Candie (Chris and kid), Ben (Efie), Mike [8]
-Brian, Kodi and kids [6]
-Billy, Shannon and kids [6 -11]


Not set in stone but somewhere around Utah for a fairly central location. Some suggestions we've had are:



June 24-27, 2011 (arrive Thursday, leave Monday morning)

Associated Costs:

Dad has committed to paying up to $7,500 in costs for the occasion. The rest of us will need to pay for the remaining portion. Without a definite location set this number is still up in the air.

I really need your help in order to make this thing happen. I'm finding that things are booking extremely fast and Dad is concerned that we may not be able to do this again because of health issues if we miss this opportunity.

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